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CES (formally known as the Consumer Electronics Show)[1] is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Held January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, the event typically hosts presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. 2017
The 2017 CES will be held January 5–8, 2017 in Las Vegas.[89]
"Booth babes" controversy
Part of the press, like the BBC and The Verge in 2012–2014[90][91] and ShinyShiny in 2015[92] wrote about the alleged unsuitable presence of "booth babes" (scantily dressed glamour models) at the show. Other publications, like PC Magazine, although aware of the controversy relished however in publishing galleries of booth babes without negative commentary.[93][94] In 2013, CES organizers released statements in which they claimed that enforcing business casual attire for the exhibitor personnel would be impractical and would detract CES staff on the ground from their main focus of providing security.[95]
In a background story in The Wire, Rebecca Greenfield wrote that "booth babes" were initially called "CES Guides" and they "date back to the beginning of the Consumer Electronics Show" (1967) and that "they've been the subject of controversy and nerd fantasy alike". According to Greenfield's research, the first use of the term "booth babe" appeared in a Toronto Star article covering the 1986 CES. She also writes that the "scantily clad" attire "became norm" at CES in the 1970-1980 decade, in synchrony with similar developments in the auto show industry. Greenfield also remarks that complaints about booth babes at CES are not entirely new; she points out for example that Network World "wrote a few separate times that it was flat-out tired of booth babes — not because of the sexism so much as the predictability." For example, in 1999, Network World's Dave Breuger criticized the practice of employing spokesmodels, "most of whom wouldn't know an ATM module if it bit them on their overexposed games." Greenfield notes that other electronics shows like E3 have adopted a similar practice of encouraging "booth babes" in the late 1990s, but abandoned it in 2006 after outcry, with E3 organizers later threatening to fine any exhibitor for "nudity, partial nudity, and bathing-suit bottoms".[96]
CES 2015 featured satirist Nimrod Kamer highlighting the lack of companies and ideas in CES that address humanity's larger issues, such as climate change, Ebola and poverty.[97]
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