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How To Clean A Wok (Carbon Steel Wok Maintenance)

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A Bamboo Wok Brush is a great tool to clean a wok after each use. Cleaning a wok is fast using a Bamboo Wok Brush. For home cooking, make sure you buy the small one suitable for a home cooking. The large bamboo wok brush are more suitable for cleaning the large commercial woks, such as those found in restaurants. The bamboo wok brush in this video is only about 9 inches long. It's perfect for my size of wok.

I use a few drops of dish washing liquid added to water to clean my wok. Some traditional cooks say cleaners will damage the hard patina surface of the wok. They only use water to clean their woks. The woks at my grandfather's restaurant and my dad's restaurant in the past were cleaned every night with detergent soap added to the water. I personally feel it's okay to use dish washing liquid to clean a wok.

Bamboo wok brush can be purchased in Asian supermarkets and specialty stores. I bought mine in our local Chinatown. This bamboo brush can also be used to clean utensils and other kinds of pots and pans. Try it and see how you like it. Happy Chinese cooking.
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