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Cleaning A Wok (Carbon Steel Wok) Maintaining A Wok

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Cleaning and maintaining a wok will give you many years of happy cooking. Learn how to clean and maintain a carbon steel wok. In this video, you will learn how to heat a wok with oil and adding salt to the wok to clean it. You scrub the salt and oil with a cleaning pad or just use a napkin. Then clean the wok with a little dish washing detergent. The final step is to rinse the wok with water. Dry the wok with a napkin and wipe the surface with cooking oil. You can use corn oil or canola or vegetable oil. Sealing the wok with cooking oil will keep it from rusting.

Usually when I stir fry rice or some meat, I don't need to rinse the wok out. I just use a napkin to wipe off the wok. When you stir fry foods with sauces, you can clean the wok with just water or add a little dish washing detergent to clean the wok. Then dry the wok as usual and wipe a little cooking oil on the surface to prevent rust. It's a good habit to wipe cooking oil on the wok surface after every use so the wok will not rust. By following these steps in cooking, you will get many years of good cooking with your wok.
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