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New Movie Trailer | Fall in Love with the Night 愛上夜蒲團 | Drama film 夜店女孩 劇情片 HD

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Synopsis: The film "Fall in Love with The Night 愛上夜蒲團" tells a story in which Crystal works as a service girl in the bar and falls in love with Hengyu, the rich second-generation childe. Hengyu's generosity and charm make crystal crazy for him. Xiyu is an online broadcaster. As her craziest fan, Bao Qiang's appearance is surprising! When the company encounters problems, Hengyu sends Crystal to the bed of the usury company boss, Wang. Crystal's madness for love gives Hengyu the opportunity to hurt her many times. At the same time, Crystal bumps into Hengyu's intimacy with her best friend Xiyu, and unexpectedly finds herself pregnant, but Hengyu refuses to admit it, and Crystal nearly collapses... Yanan seems to have no intention, but everyone unexpectedly finds that there is an unspeakable relationship between Yanan and Hengyu...

故事简介: 电影《爱上夜蒲团 Fall in Love with The Night》讲述了水晶在酒吧当陪酒女,爱上了富二代公子哥恒宇,恒宇的大方和魅力让水晶疯狂。惜雨是网络主播,宝强作为最疯狂的粉丝,出场方式却令人大跌眼镜!当公司出现问题,恒宇把水晶送到了高利贷公司王老板的床上,对爱情的痴狂让水晶给了恒宇多次伤害自己的机会。与此同时,水晶撞见了恒宇和自己的闺蜜惜雨亲热,又意外发现自己怀孕,恒宇却死不认账,水晶几近崩溃……亚楠看上去豪无心机,但大家意外发现,亚楠和恒宇之间又有着说不清的关系……

出品 Studio: 上海峰幂影视 Feng Mi Film, 上海影将投资 Ying Jiang Invest.
制片人 Produced by: 吴昊 Wu Hao, 谌秀峰 Shen Xiufeng, 杨燕 Yang Yan, 陶佳砚 Tao Jiayan, 李秋杨 Li Qiuyang, 姚兰 Yan Lan.
导演 Directed by: 吉米 Jimmy.
编剧 Screenplay by: 古川 Gu Chuan, 甜蜜糖果儿 Sweet Candy, 梦瑶 Meng Yao.
主演 Starring: 王修泽 Wang Xiuze, 张已桂 Zhang Yigui, 张欣琦 Zhang Xinqi, 邱雨铄 Qiu Yushuo, 郑梦雪 Zheng Mengxue.
题材 Genres: 爱情 Romance, 剧情 Drama.

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