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[Full Movie] 燕赤霞 The Red Wolf 生肖神将 | 玄幻动作电影 Fantasy Action film HD

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Synopsis: The fantasy action movie "Yan Chixia, Zodiac Warriors & The Red Wolf 燕赤霞之生肖神將" tells the story of the eternal spiritual creature, the Red Wolf, who came to the world and brought chaos. The leader of the Zodiac Warriors, Yuchi received orders to take down the creature and protect the city. He sealed the beast into his body in the face of danger. To everybody's demise, General Yuchi's mind and body were encroached by the Red Wolf and turned into a monster. The court mistakenly identified Yuchi as a rebellion and gave orders to execute his whole family. The Red Wolf hid in the mountains and waited for a chance to resurface in his true form. Twenty years later, on the day of the lunar eclipse, there are rumors that the Red Wolf is about to reappear. Coincidentally, the con artist Yan Chixia got into a group of descendants of the Zodiac Warriors, hoping to hunt down the Red Wolf. Yan Chixia took this as an opportunity to get the huge bounty at the start, but on the way to the Red Wolf, he was attacked by Red Wolf's henchmen repeatedly and their trip was hindered by the remaining members of the Forbidden Warriors. After experiencing a series of thrilling events, Yan Chixia, Lady Cherry Blosson, and others worked together to capture the Red Wolf who escaped the seal enchantment. The court also decreed to restore Yuchi's reputation. In the end, for Yan Chixia was dedicated to protecting the people from harm, he became a master of exorcism.

故事简介:玄幻动作电影《燕赤霞之生肖神将 Yan Chixia, Zodiac Warriors & The Red Wolf》讲述千古灵兽赤狼降世作乱,“生肖禁军”首领尉迟奉命捉拿护城,并在危难之际将灵兽封印于体内。不料,尉迟将军心身被赤狼反噬,变成了怪物。朝廷误认尉迟造反,下旨将其满门抄斩。而赤狼则隐匿山林之中等待恢复真身的机会。 二十年后又逢月食之日,坊间传言赤狼灵兽即将重现,江湖骗子燕赤霞机缘巧合卷入一组由“生肖禁军”后裔组成的队伍,准备阻杀赤狼。燕赤霞本想投机取巧从中获取巨额赏金,结果在途中接连遭到赤狼手下的袭击以及前生肖禁军残将的阻拦。 在经历一系列惊心动魄的事件后,燕赤霞与桃花姬等人同心协力将逃出封印的赤狼灵兽再次捕获,朝廷也下旨恢复了尉迟的名誉。最后,燕赤霞一心为民除害,成为一代降妖大师。

出品 Studio: 梓阳传媒 Ziyang Media.
制片人 Produced by: 石军 Shi Jun.
导演 Directed by: 杨朗从 Yang Langcong.
编剧 Screenplay by: 樊大明 Fan Daming, 张国英 Zhang Guoying.
主演 Starring: 刘济恺 Liu Jikai, 刘亦彤 Liu Yitong, 徐勇 Xu Yong, 柯言 Ke Yan, ALEX (Ukraine).
题材 Genres: #动作 #action #玄幻 #fantasy

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