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[ENG SUB] Dear Mayang Street 37 END (Seven Tan, Timmy Xu, Niu Junfeng) My best memories of youth

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✨ Full episodes playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTB73Ibi_X3E6pdxd3wDCUUIgSew9tBSX
????Schedule: Thursday - Sunday, 1 episode per day at 21:00 (GMT+0800)

Drama name: Dear Mayang Street
Genres: Romance, Youth, Family
Episodes: 37
Also known as: 亲爱的麻洋街

Ou Xiao Jian is a bad boy who dates Ma Xiao Xiao, a school girl in the neighborhood. Yi Dong Dong has had a crush on Ma Xiao Xiao from the moment they met.
The 18-year-old Yi Dong Dong moves with his family back to their hometown and falls in love at first sight for his neighbor Ma Xiao Xiao. When he realizes that she is attracted to his friend Xiao Jian, he kept his feelings to himself and protect her from a distance. Xiao Xiao is constantly worried for Ou Xiaojian who spends his time fooling around with other delinquents. Utterly exhausted due to the problems between them, Ma Xiaoxiao and Ou Xiaojian part ways. Later, Xiaoxiao becomes a lawyer and Dongdong passes the local civil service exams. Meanwhile, Xiaojian undergoes many ups and downs.

Ma Xiaoxiao - Seven Tan
Ou Xiaojian -Timmy Xu
Yi Dongdong - Niu Junfeng

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