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[Trailer] Clutch Time 生死時刻 | Biographical film 秋瑾 國民革命 傳記電影 HD

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Synopsis: The biographical film "Clutch Time 生死時刻" is about the revolutionary history of Qiu Jin. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the government was corrupt and incompetent, thus being oppressed by westerners. The humiliated people of China wanted to take revolutions to save the country and overthrow the old system. Qiu Jin, who accepted new ideas, gave up her privileged family and took the future of the country as her priority. With the responsibility of breaking through the darkness and building a new society on shoulder, she actively engaged in revolutionary work, and joined Xu Xilin and other aspirants to plan a joint uprising in Zhejiang and Anhui. Although her uprising to save the country ended in failure because of denouncment, her death awakened the people, and brought a ray of light to the Chinese revolution and paved the way forward.

故事简介: 人物传记电影《生死时刻 Clutch Time》讲述秋瑾的革命历史故事。清朝末年,政府腐败无能,任由洋人压榨,不堪受辱的国人掀起革命思潮,欲图革命救国,推翻旧制。接受新思想的秋瑾放弃优越的家庭,以家国未来为大计,以冲破黑暗、迎接光明、建立新社会为己任,积极投身革命工作,并联合徐锡麟等志士谋划浙皖两地联合起义。秋瑾起义救国虽以遭受告密而失败告终,其舍身取义、以流血唤醒民众,却为中国革命带来一缕曙光,铺开了前行的道路。

出品 Studio: 浙江美视众乐影视 Zhejiang Media Trust Film
制片人 Produced by: 宋佳 Song Jia, 梓华 Zi Hua, 叶统 Ye Tong, 李洋 Li Yang, 王雨潮 Wang Yuchao.
导演 Directed by: 陈静 Chen Jing.
编剧 Screenplay by: 周枫平 Zhou Fengping.
主演 Starring: 袁志博 Yuan Zhibo, 陈靖康 Chen Jingkang, 王季明珠 Wangji Mingzhu, 王希 Wang Xi, 郭岩 Guo Yan, 李大强 Li Daqiang.
题材 Genres: #人物传记 #Biography #历史 #History

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