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[Trailer] 狄仁傑 Skeleton General 骷髏將軍 | Martial Arts Action film 武俠動作片 HD

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Synopsis: The martial arts action and mystery movie "Detective Dee, Skeleton General 狄仁傑之骷髏將軍" tells the story during Wu Zhou Period of Tang Dynasty, when the governor of Yuzhou arranged a ghost marriage for his son who died young, but unexpectedly the body of the young bride suddenly mutated into a white skeleton. Then she went on a killing spree, and all the people she killed were turned into bones. Only one sentence was left at the tragic scene: "After Empress Wu Dies, Li's Tang Will Rise Again." Empress Wu was furious and ordered Yu Chiqing, a personal beauty expert, to assist Di Renjie in supervising the case. Di Renjie pointed his suspicion at Li Zhen, a Prince of the Li family, but at that time a skeleton was attacking Li Zhen. In the melee between Di Renjie and the skeleton, the people who died turned into skeletons and merged into a giant skeleton general. The case is shrouded in mystery. Can Di Renjie clear the air and uncover the person behind the scenes?

故事简介: 古装武侠动作和判案电影《狄仁杰之骷髅将军 Detective Dee, Skeleton General》讲述唐朝武周时期,豫州刺史为早逝的儿子操办冥婚,不料妙龄新娘的尸身突然异变成一具白骨骷髅大开杀戒,所杀之人皆化作森森白骨,惨烈现场只留下一句话“武后死,李唐兴”。武后震怒,急命贴身美女高手尉迟晴协助狄仁杰督办此案。狄仁杰将怀疑的矛头直指李氏子孙越王李贞,却遇骷髅攻击李贞,在狄仁杰与骷髅的混战之中,罹难的百姓竟也变成骷髅并融合成为一个巨大的骷髅将军。案件迷雾重重,狄仁杰能否拨云见日,揪出幕后之人?

出品 Studio: 中润时代文化传播 Zhongrun Times Culture.
制片人 Produced by: 郭绪光 Guo Xuguang, 彭小贝 Peng Xiaobei.
导演 Directed by: 吴承峰 Wu Chengfeng.
编剧 Screenplay by: 张兆喆 Zhang Zhaozhe.
主演 Starring: 贺刚 He Gang, 辜芷芸 Gu Zhiyun, 高梓刚 Gao Zhigang, 岑明 Cen Ming.
题材 Genres: #动作 #action #武侠 #martialarts #mystery #狄仁杰

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