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Trailer▶EP 11 - Have you ever liked someone?! | Lost Promise

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Drama Name: Lost Promise
Genres: Action, Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Martial Arts
Also known as: Rogue Debt , Yan Zhi Zhai , Rouge Debt , 胭脂债

????Plot summary:
In the martial arts world, two major developments occured. First, the new Wulin Master Jiang Qing Liu is attacked at his ceremony, causing him to lose his inner strength. Second, the Demon Lord Bo Ye Jing Xing escapes captivity after being imprisoned for 11 years by the former Wulin Master Jiang Yin Tian. While everyone is in search for the Demon Lord, little did they know that he was hiding in Qing Liu's bed chamber. Bo Ye Jing Xing will help Qing Liu recover his inner strength while he stays with him. Many days later, a beautiful woman is delivered to Qing Liu in a brocade box along with a manual and some rouge pills. Qing Liu pretends to be enamoured with her and kept her as his concubine. The Jiang family and servants were perplexed by the demure looking but uncouth woman. Bo Ye Jing Xing strives to uncover the truth around a massacre thirty years ago while entering into a romance with the young Qing Liu. As the truth resurfaces, so does the killer that Bo Ye Jing Xing has been searching for after all these years...

Bo Ye Jing Xing - Kelly Yu
Jiang Qing Liu - Leo Yang
Shan Wan Chan - Judy Qi

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电视连续剧- TV series
Historical Fiction, Hidden Identity, Older Woman/Younger Man
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