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Trailer▶ EP 36 - I can accept to raise the kid as long as we can be together?! | Brilliant Girls

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Drama name: Brilliant Girls
Genres: Urban, Romance
Episodes: 43
Also known as: 涩女郎 / 爱的理想生活

A story that follows five urban women with distinct personalities and how they find themselves after experiencing various challenges in life.
Dai Xi Xi has always regarded falling in love, getting married and having kids as her primary goal. Alas, she never imagined that she would be dumped right before her wedding day. With nowhere to go, Dai Xi Xi goes to live with Ding Hui Qiao as she attempts to restart her life. However, she faces another hurdle when she makes an enemy out of Wen Ru Xue who is also a tenant in the house.
Wen Ru Xue is a wedding designer and the image of a successful woman. She has high IQ and a low EQ. For Wen Ru Xue, her work is her life. Wen Xiao Yang is the youngest member of their 'family'. She has come to Shanghai to pursue her dream of becoming a manhua artist. Meanwhile, Qi Yue is a woman who will do anything for love. Five women with very different ideals may seem like a cause for friction but they are each other's pillars of support.

Wen Ruxue - Yin Tao
Dai Xixi - Song Yi
Wen Xiaoyang - Angel Zhao
Ding Huiqiao - Nita Xia
Duan Xu - Wei Daxun

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