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New Movie Trailer | Comedy King 喜剧王 | Comedy film 喜剧片 HD

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Synopsis: the new comedy film "Comedy King 喜劇王" tells the story of the glib Er Dada's blind date. He meets a beautiful, rich girl named Shasha and falls in love with her at first sight. In order to marry the beautiful, rich girl, Er Dada accepts the tasks put forward by Shasha: Kiss six girls of different types in 12 hours tonight, and send the photos of the kisses to Shasha as proof. This is a difficult, exciting and interesting task. The energetic Er Dada successively conquers the queen with his high IQ, deals with the daydreaming girl with high EQ, gets under the table with the two-dimensional cat slave girl, kisses the drunken mistress of the gang leader, and gets in bed with an empress out of the palace. Finally, he meets his first girlfriend in the bar and unexpectedly sees Shasha who stirs up the situation. In face of tasks and feelings, the predecessors and the successor, what choice will Er Dada make?

故事简介: 最新喜剧电影《喜剧王 Comedy King》讲述油嘴滑舌的二大大相亲遇见白富美莎莎,对其一见倾心,为了迎娶白富美,二大大接受了莎莎提出的任务考验:一夜之间,12个小时之内,亲吻不同类型的六个女孩子,并发送亲吻的照片给莎莎,以示证明亲吻成功。这是一个高难的、刺激的、有趣的任务。高能的二大大先后用智商征服女王、用情商搞定玛丽苏少女、与二次元猫奴女孩钻桌底、吻了醉酒的帮主情妇、睡了出宫的娘娘,最后在酒吧遇到初恋女友,竟逢白富美莎莎前来搅局。面对任务与感情,前任与后任,二大大会做出怎样的选择?

出品 Studio: 浙江博盛影业 Boosn Pictures.
制片人 Produced by: 盛建伟 Sheng Jianwei.
导演 Directed by: 盛建伟 Sheng Jianwei.
编剧 Screenplay by: 盛建伟 Sheng Jianwei.
主演 Starring: 崔笛 Cui Di, 刘洋影子 Liuyang Yingzi, 卢沁希 Lu Qinxi.
题材 Genres: 喜剧 Comedy.

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