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New Movie 2020 | 首席的夜妻 Chief's Night Wife, Eng Sub | Romance film 爱情片 Full Movie 1080P

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Synopsis: 2020 New Chinese Movie "Chief's Night Wife 首席的夜妻" tells the story of the rich man, Hua Tuo, who indirectly killed his master An Tai, adopted his only daughter, An Qianchong for guilt. Under his protection, An Qianchong grew up. But Hua Tuo gradually had love affection on her. Hua Tuo was very strict to her. An Qianchong came to want to escape from the "golden cage". It was outgoing boy Chu Ci who made An Qianchong yearn for a new free world, and she wanted to pursue her love. But it is difficult to escape the control of Hua Tuo... The triangle entanglement of them resulted in the family of Chu Ci suffering heavy losses. Chu Ci resolved obstacles and united classmates. Finally he used the Ferris wheel to save An Qianchong. They should be happy but they have encountered new troubles... voyeur, captivity, control. a ugly truth made a strong contrast to seemingly free of youth campus.

故事简介: 2020 霸道总裁 电影《首席的夜妻 Chief's Night Wife 》讲述 本市大财团继承人华拓间接害死了师傅安泰,出于内疚收养了安泰的独女安千宠。安千宠在华拓的庇护下渐渐长大,华拓却对其渐生情愫,华拓对其看管甚为严格,安千宠慢慢想逃出“金丝笼”,阳光少年楚辞的出现,令安千宠向往一个全新的自由的世界,想要追求自己的爱情,却难以逃出华拓的掌控…三人的情感纠葛随之而起,导致楚辞的家族遭受重创,楚辞排除一切阻碍,联合同学,最终利用摩天轮救走安千宠,本该幸福的两个人,又遇到了新的考验...偷窥、圈养、掌控,一个个丑陋的真相与这看似无忧无虑的青春校园形成鲜明对比。

出品 Studio: 云端文化 Cloud Happy Media
导演 Director: 杨同坤 Yang Tongkun
主演 Starring: 李彦漫 Li Yanman, 吴承骏 Wu Chengjun, 陆钧彦 Yu Junyan, 王晶 Wang Jing
题材 Genres: #爱情 #Romance #LoveStory, 剧情 #Drama,

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