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New Movie 电影 | The Potential, Eng Sub 致命潜能 | Drama film 剧情片 Full Movie HD

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New Movie 电影 | The Potential, Eng Sub 致命潜能 | Drama film 剧情片 Full Movie HD

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Synopsis: The new movie "THE POTENTIAL 致命潛能" tells the story of Song Yaru, a rich woman who already had everything, was troubled by her husband Qin Yuyu’s impotence and wanted to divorce him, but her father Song Huaien intended to pass the company to his son-in-law Qin Haoyu. Qin Haoyu suffered impotence because of an accident in childhood, and owed enormous debt because of his failure in crazy foreign exchange speculation. He needed money urgently, and inheriting the company was the only way out. An Yi and Qin Haoyu were good friends since childhood. He believed, he should be blamed for Yu’s accident and tragic life. So he decided to sneak into Yaru's house to help Qin Haoyu every night. An and Yaru had a good time, but unexpected things happened one after another. Everything was getting out of control and irreversible...

故事简介: 最新电影《致命潜能 The Potential》讲述 本已拥有一切的富家女宋雅茹却要为老公秦昊宇的“外强中干”而困扰,萌生离婚的念头,但父亲宋怀恩又有意将公司传给女婿秦昊宇。秦昊宇从小因意外导致终生不举,又因疯狂炒汇欠下巨债,每天都为钱心惊胆战,继承公司成为他挣脱绝境的唯一出路。 安毅与秦昊宇是发小,他认为自己导致了昊宇的童年意外以及悲剧人生,决定冒险舍身,每晚潜入雅茹家帮秦昊宇扭转困局。二人渐入佳境,然而意外接连发生,事情逐渐变得可怕而无法逆转……

出品 Studio: 浙江如是观影业 Zhejiang RuShiGuan Film
导演 Director: 张平雨 Zhang Pingyu
主演 Starring: 郑沛琳 Zheng Peilin, 曲吉让布 Quji Rangbu, 王硕 Wang Shuo, MC天佑 Tianyou.
题材 Genres: #剧情 #Drama

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