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New Action Movie 2020 | Fantasy War, Eng Sub 玄天战纪 | Fantasy film, Full Movie 1080P

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Synopsis: 2020 new action movie "Fantasy War" is about fantasy love story. During the Western Han Dynasty, the witchcraft was rampant over the human world. Han Ying and Xing Tian, a couple who had learnt Metaphysics, discovered that it was Enchantress, the Queen of the Demons, who did all of these. In order to save the world, they had a battle with her and Xing Tian was dead then. Finally, Han Ying fell into the Space of Nuihility with Enchantress by using Miracle Fighters, from the Heaven Book. 2000 years later, two tomb robbers dropped into the Crypt of Lichi, namely Enchantress, and awakened her. Then a disaster was coming to the human world again...

故事简介: 2020魔幻动作电影《玄天战纪 Fantasy War》讲述公元前92年,汉武帝后期,巫术 横行人间,玄奇女子寒莺和刑天查探到乃魔王女魅所为,为拯救天下苍生,“暗黑森林”一战,刑天战死,寒莺祭出绝迹天书《奇门遁甲》,与女魅同归于虚无空间。2000年后,两个盗墓贼无意中误闯进栗姬陵墓,造成魔王女魅苏醒,她大开魔门祭出魔族,魔族生性嗜血,人间大难即将来临,驱魔人寒莺与私家侦探刑天“机缘巧合”相遇,随着二人的深入查探,发现一切都不是表面上这么简单,数千年前的恩怨延续至今,九幽烈火即将烧至,刑天与寒莺再一次为了天下苍生前往只有死亡的栗姬陵墓……本片音译《Xuan Tian Zhan Ji》

出品 Studio: 中润渤纳 Zhong Run Bo Na, 九马影业 Nine Horses Picture
导演 Director: 屈志鑫 Qu Zhixing
主演 Starring: 李文骁,罗莉娜,袁媛,周卓,刘晋钊
题材 Genres: 玄幻, 魔幻 Fantasy, 动作 Action, 剧情 Drama

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