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Movie 电影 | Silk Stocking Queen 红人制造之丝袜女王 | Comedy film 喜剧片 Full Movie HD

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Synopsis: the new comedy film "The Silk Stocking Queen 紅人製造之絲襪女王" tells the story about a female double actress Li Haonan, who has always wanted to be a real actress, but has become a popular cyber celebrity instead and, without knowing it, the best undercover candidate for the police. Under the precise deployment of the police, she outwits the insidious drug dealers and successfully helps the police solve major cases, thus realizing her dream of becoming an actress.

故事简介: 最新喜剧电影《红人制造之丝袜女王 The Silk Stocking Queen》讲述女替身演员李好男一直想成为一名真正的演员,却歪打正着成了一名当红主播,并在不知情的情况下,成为了警方最佳的卧底人选。在警方的精密部署下,她智取隐形大毒枭、成功协助警方破了大案,并由此实现了自己的演员梦想。

出品 Studio: 江西巨邦传媒 Greatbone Group, 北京岁之芽文化 New Era Media, 非比寻常影视 Phoebe Media.
制片人 Produced by: 王岳 Wang Yue, 王秀珍 Wang Xiuzhen.
导演 Directed by: 罗士雄 Luo Shixiong.
编剧 Screenplay by: 薛辰 Xue Chen, 罗士雄 Luo Shixiong.
主演 Starring: 何美璇 He Meixuan, 曹博 Cao Bo, 杨俊婷 Yang Junting, 王成龙 Wang Chenglong, 韩锐 Han Rui.
题材 Genres: 喜剧 Comedy.

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