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Movie 电影 | Sex and City 欲望都市 | Love Story film 爱情片 Full Movie HD

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Synopsis: The new movie "Sex and City 慾望都市" is about a story of lust and love between a barber Qin Fen and an art teacher Yan Yan. Lust has always been the root of losing. Because of all kinds of lust, people are lost deeper and deeper inside the forest of the world. They cannot walk out of this vast forest. They forget the road they wanted to take at the beginning. They think they own the whole forest, In fact, they haven't even owned a small tree...

故事简介: 最新电影《欲望都市 Sex and City》讲述了理发师秦奋与美术教师妍妍之间一个欲望与爱情的故事。欲望一直都是迷失的根源,因为各种各样欲望,令人们在世界的森林中迷失得越来越深。他们无法走出这片广袤的森林,他们忘记了自己最初想要走的道路,他们以为自己拥有了整片森林,其实连一颗小树独步曾拥有……

出品 Studio: 安徽维亚影业 Weiya Films.
制片人 Produced by: 柳越鸣 Liu Yueming, 康若熙 Kang Ruoxi.
导演 Directed by: King.
编剧 Screenplay by: 康锐宁 Kang Ruining.
主演 Starring: 蒋德亮 Jiang Deliang, 垚鑫玉 Yao Xinyu
题材 Genres: 爱情 Romance Love Story.

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