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Movie 电影 | Kung Fu Mahjong Goddess 雀圣之脱线女神 | Comedy film 喜剧片 Full Movie HD

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Synopsis: The new comedy movie "Kung Fu Mahjong Goddess 雀聖之脫線女神" is about a Mahjong battle story. The Mahjong Esoterica is a book everyone in Mahjong World wants to get. The Mahjong King, Guo Sandong defeated other top rivals and got it in the last competition many years ago. When his grand-daughter, Jiang Qingqing grew up, she doesn't want to learn this book. Yin Mengjie, also the grand-daughter of a top rival, is always waiting the chance to kill Guo Sandong and get the book. So comes the final battle.

故事简介: 最新喜剧电影《雀圣之脱线女神》讲述了麻将大师过三洞的孙女蒋青青被自己的未婚夫周学博和殷梦洁追杀为了麻将真诀。中途蒋青青掉落悬崖并失忆,被打麻将骗钱的张晓飞带回家。周学博得知后威胁欠下自己钱的张晓飞让其套出真诀和银行密码。张晓飞在过程中帮蒋青青恢复了记忆并揍了周学博。却被周学博用其威胁换取真经。蒋青青用真诀换了晓飞并在殷梦洁招待会上向其宣战,最后张晓飞带奶奶帮助青青打败了殷梦洁。

出品 Studio: 军盾影业 Army Shield Film.
制片人 Produced by: 金志东 Jin Zhidong.
导演 Directed by: 柳航 Liu Hang.
编剧 Screenplay by: 何明明 He Mingming, 胡皓Hu Hao, 周学博 Zhou Xuebo.
主演 Starring: 翟圆圆 Zhai Yuanyuan, 王洋 Wang Yang, 张志豪 Zhang Zhihao.
题材 Genres: 喜剧 Comedy.

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