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Movie 电影 | Embarrassing Affairs 色囧之阴差阳错 | Comedy film 喜剧片 Full Movie HD

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Synopsis: The new comedy film "The Embarrassing Affairs 色囧之陰差陽錯" tells that the male leading character Ding Jia finds his wife Ai Qi cheating when he gets home. At the same time, Mo Wei runs into her boyfriend cheating although they were a happy couple. Ding Jia and Mo Wei who sympathize with each other encounters in a restaurant when they are drinking. Accidentally, the two meet again in a KTV, but it is an illegal KTV. Penniless Ding Jia chases Mo Wei. Two security guards who aspire to be police officers run into the two when tracking a thief who has committed several theft crimes in the neighborhood. As a result, Ding Jia is mistakenly arrested as a thief. When Ai Qi chases Ding Jia for an explanation, they accidently help the security guards catch the thief, but during the chasing, Ding Jia and Mo Wei's boyfriend take each other's mobile phones by mistake. Ding Jia receives a call from Mo Wei who says she is pregnant. The husband and wife who are just back together get into another misunderstanding.

故事简介: 最新喜剧电影《色囧之阴差阳错 The Embarrassing Affairs》讲述男主角丁佳回家后发现老婆艾琪劈腿,同时热恋情侣莫薇撞见男友出轨。同病相怜的男女在一家饭店饮酒相遇,上天安排男女再一次相遇在歌厅,却是黑歌厅。身无分文的丁佳追向莫薇,志向做警察的两名保安追踪多起小区失窃案件的小偷时偶遇两人,结果误将丁佳当作小偷抓走。艾琪追着丁佳要讨个说法,阴差阳错的帮助保安抓到小偷,丁佳却在追逐中和莫薇的男朋友拿错了手机。丁佳接到了莫薇电话,说自己怀孕,刚刚和好小夫妻再一次陷入误会之中。

出品 Studio: 中翼文化 Zhong Yi Culture.
制片人 Produced by: 王一凡 Wang Yifan. 晨兴 Chen Xin, 满雪 Man Xue.
导演 Directed by: 王炎 Wang Yan.
编剧 Screenplay by: 王炎 Wang Yan.
主演 Starring: 于蕙侨 Yu Huiqiao, 小沈龙 Xiao Shenglong, 刘衍辰 Liu Yanchen, 冯碧晴 Feng Biqing, 王信然 Wang Xinran, 池源 Chi Yuan.
题材 Genres: 喜剧 Comedy.

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