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Movie 电影 | Dragon Tomb 龙墓魅影 | Adventure film 盗墓探险片 Full Movie HD

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Synopsis: The Movie "The Dragon Tomb 龍墓魅影" is about an adventure story at the end of the Second World War. The Japanese Army predicted its failure and tried to regain the advantage, when they got secret information about the Chinese Dragon Tomb. If the tomb is destroyed and the Japanese Army gets the treasures in it, they can change their fate. A female Japanese archaeologist Chiba was cheated to join this project with the reason of research. On the other hand, A Chinese banker, Long Zhengyan, got this information also and led a team to protect the Dragon Tomb. In the end, Chiba and Long Zhengyan fell in love, defeated the Japanese Ninja, and protected the Dragon Tomb.

故事简介:电影《龙墓魅影 The Dragon Tomb》讲述二战最后阶段,日本侵略者预感到了自己的失败,开始无所不用其极。中国西北的龙棺墓,一直被日本人认为是中国龙脉的所在。日本人认为,破坏了龙棺墓,便会改变战争的结局,同时可以得到那里传说中的无数宝藏。日本人欺骗考古学者千叶夏希去探访龙棺墓,实际是去破坏龙棺墓。龙正炎表面是一位普通的银行家,实际是一位爱国的侠士,一直关心日本人的动向。龙正炎设法接近千叶夏希,盗取日本人的机密文件,并且分析出了日本人的阴谋。在日本的小分队出发后,龙正炎和自己的伙伴,也马上出发,并且一路跟随日本人来到龙棺墓。为了保护国宝,龙正炎和伙伴们和日本忍者展开了一场输死的战斗,而最终用大家的努力与牺牲,保护了国家的宝藏。

出品 Studio: 浙江昊月堃 Hao Yu Kun Film.
制片人 Produced by: 赵凌彬 Zhao Lingbin, 郝柏杰 Hao Bojie.
导演 Directed by: 郝柏杰 Hao Bojie.
编剧 Screenplay by: 郝柏杰 Hao Bojie, 刘一刀 Liu Yidao.
主演 Starring: 郝柏杰 Hao Bojie, 赵凌彬 Zhao Lingbin, 惠祥意 Hui Xiangyi, 沈凯 Shen Kai, 张鹏 Zhang Peng, 贾丽娜 Jia Lina.
题材 Genres: 探险 Adventure.

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