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Movie 电影 | Death is Here 笔仙惊魂 | Campus Horror film 校园惊悚片 Full Movie HD

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Synopsis: The Movie “The Death is Here 筆仙驚魂”ia about a campus horror story. Four arts and drama students, rented a house with a courtyard in the suburbs. It's an old building with an ancient feel in it. It's an eerie place. The locals avoided this place. During a quiet night, the electricity stopped. The four young men and women decided to play a game of Bunshidaba or Bi Xian (Pen Cents). Then a series of mysterious thing happened after that...

故事简介:电影《笔仙惊魂 Death is Here》讲述艺术院校学生小武(翟文斌 饰)、慕凡(王一 饰)、柳丝丝(何杜鹃 饰)、凌菲儿(柴碧云 饰)驱车来到位于郊外,租住了当地的四合院。这是一座古色古香但是颇为阴森的老宅,周围的住户似乎对此也多有忌惮,欲言又止。夜深人静,四合院突然断电。四个青年男女无聊至极,决定玩传说中的禁忌游戏笔仙。但是无所畏惧懵懂无知的小武竟然问起了笔仙的死因,之后也未将笔仙送走。在此之后,诡异的事情接连发生,半夜从远处传来的戏曲念白,挂满死猫的树,柳丝丝深更半夜的恐怖举止……如是种种,无一不在搅扰着年轻人们的神经。恐怖的究竟是这个院落还是毫无形状的笔仙,抑或是一场阴谋……

出品 Studio: 泽西年代影业 Zexi Times Film.
制片人 Produced by: 明秋成 Ming Qiucheng, 刘鸿 Liu Hong.
导演 Directed by: 关尔 David Kuan
编剧 Screenplay by: 周唯 Zhou Wei, 梁潇潇Liang Xiaoxiao, 朱孛 Zhu Bei.
主演 Starring: 何杜鹃 He Dujuan, 翟文斌 Di Wenbin, 王一 Wang Yi, 柴碧云 Chai Biyun. 午马 Wu Ma.
题材 Genres: 惊悚 Thriller, 恐怖 Horror.

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