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Movie 电影 | 电竞高手之春风得意 | Campus eSports & Love Story film 青春校园爱情片 HD

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Synopsis: The Youth Campus Romance Movie "電競高手之春風得意" is about a story of electronic sports of the game "League of Legends". Li Chunfeng loves "Esports" since he was a child, and had never met an opponent. However, when he was about to graduate from high school, he encountered the first complete defeat. In order to find this rival who defeated him, Li Chunfeng went to study at Shengjing University. After entering the college, he falls in love at first sight with Ruyi, the dancing team leader with outstanding appearance and graceful figure, and begins to pursue her actively. At the same time, his childhood sweetheart Shuanger also has feelings toward Chunfeng... Just when Li Chunfeng is in a relationship dilemma, the mysterious opponent who once defeated him in "League of Legends" suddenly appears. Li Chunfeng decides to use a victory to save his dignity as a gamer, and at the same time, he is more determined in his choice of relationship...

故事简介: 青春校园爱情电影《电竞高手之春风得意 Campus Esports Warrior》讲述了网络游戏“英雄联盟”高校竞技比赛的故事。李春风从小酷爱“电子竞技”,从未遇到过敌手。临近高中毕业,他却遭遇到了电竞比赛人生第一场彻底的惨败。 为了寻找打败自己的对手,李春风考入了盛京大学。进入学校后,他对相貌出众、身材婀娜的舞蹈队队长如意一见钟情,并展开了热烈的追逐。于此同时,自己的青梅竹马双儿也对春风心有所属…… 就在李春风陷入情感的困境时,那个在《英雄联盟》中曾经打败过自己的神秘对手却突然出现,李春风决定用一场胜利来挽回身为一个游戏玩家的尊严,同时也更加坚定了自己情感的选择……

出品 Studio: 名帅影业 Ming Shuai Pictures, 中韵博艺 Zhong Yun Bo Yi Media.
制片人 Produced by: 王威 Wang Wei
导演 Directed by: 李帅 Li Shuai
编剧 Screenplay by: 王威 Wang Wei, 袁野 Yuan Ye.
主演 Starring: 孙迅 Sun Xun, 朴殊雅 Piao Shuya, 史蒂芬 Stephen, 侯婷婷 Hou Tingting,
题材 Genres: 电竞 e-sports, 青春 Youth, 校园 Campus, 爱情 Romance, 英雄联盟 LeagueOfLegends LOL

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