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[Full Movie] 赏金娇娃 Bounty Maids | 动作电影 Action film HD

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Synopsis: the action movie "Bounty Maids 賞金嬌娃" tells about three "agents" who combine beauty, wisdom and Kung Fu. It may not be appropriate to say that they are agents because they are not under the command of any state agency. That's why people usually call them "bounty maids". Xinyi: she is not only an angel in white and a surgeon, but also a kung fu master with excellent knife skills; Ailin: she is not only an erotic and sexy dancer, but also a wise person; Lina: she is not only a coach in the Institute of Physical Education, but also a hacker who is good at computer IT. In daily life, they are intimate friends of each other; In carrying out their missions, they are the best partners whose lives depend on each other. They learn from the same teacher, Mr. Hu, and also serve him. They are good at camouflage, temptations, hacking techniques, and fighting skills... These skills enable them to eventually destroy a large underground money laundering criminal group.

故事简介 Synopsis: 动作电影《赏金娇娃 Bounty Maids》讲述三个集美貌、智慧和功夫于一身的“特工”,说她们是特工也许不太恰当,因为她们不受命于任何一个国家机构,所以人们通常称她们为“赏金娇娃”。欣怡:她不单单是一个白衣天使、外科医生,也是刀法了得的功夫高手;艾琳:她不只是一个风骚性感的艳舞女郎,同时也是一名冰雪聪明的智者;莉妠:她既是一名体育学院教练,也是一名擅长电脑IT的黑客。 在日常生活中她们是互黑的知心闺蜜;在执行使命中她们是生死相依的最佳拍档。她们师出同一人——胡师长,同时也效命于他。她们擅长伪装、制服诱惑、黑客技术、格斗技巧……这些技能让她们最终捣毁了一个庞大的地下洗钱犯罪集团。

出品 Studio: 浙江东阳圣强影视 Dongyang Sheng Qiang Film.
制片人 Produced by: 李菲 Li Fei, 朱子涵 Zhu Zihan, 芦铁 Lu Tie, 辰兴 Chen Xing.
导演 Directed by: 胡宗祥 Hu Zongxiang.
编剧 Screenplay by: 魏兰沣 We Lanfeng.
主演 Starring: 孙丹丹 Sun Dandan, 白可 Bai Ke, 王若菲 Wang Ruofei, 史梵希 Shi Fanxi.
题材 Genres: #动作 #Action.

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