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[Full Movie] 巨兽来袭3 Monster Attack 3 | 探险电影 Adventure film 4K

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Synopsis: The adventure film "Monster Attack 3 巨獸來襲3" tells the story of a local citizen, Su Jinfeng, who contracted a deserted island in the sea from his village. He has been planting coconut trees and picking coconut fruits on the island for several years. One day, Su Jinfeng suddenly encountered a dinosaur while working in the coconut grove. He was frightened and fled for his life. After that event, Su Jinfeng was puzzled and brooding about the encounter with the dinosaur, and immediately informed the media about the information, hoping to attract attention and solve the mystery of dinosaurs. Media editor Lin Peilun was overjoyed when she heard the news. As a person who works in the media industry, she knew that if what happened was true, the prehistoric civilization of dinosaurs would be an unprecedented major discovery for the contemporary age. She may even be the first to report the incident, which will lead to her winning the Pulitzer Prize, the highest award in journalism. After Lin Peilun reported the matter, she was authorized to conduct an interview and investigation. She also went with several biological experts dispatched by the authority. Lin Peilun and his colleague Huang Minghui, together with biological experts Wu Xinmei, Sun Jialai, and Yi Jiang, rushed to the deserted island. Unbeknownst to them, accidents will frequently occur after their landing on the island. The almost primitive natural environment of the deserted island made it difficult for the group to travel, and they encountered poisonous creatures such as snakes and scorpions; Lin Peilun was stung by a scorpion while rescuing Wu Xinmei, and almost died. After a difficult journey, they finally found the villager Su Jinfeng, Lin Peilun and others took a short rest, then tried to find out about the details with Su Jinfeng, and prepared to do a further investigation...

故事簡介:探险电影《巨兽来袭3 Monster Attack 3》讲述当地百姓苏晋丰从村子里承包了一个海中荒岛,在岛上种植椰树、采摘椰果已有数年之久。这一日,苏晋丰在椰林劳作时突然遭遇了一只恐龙, 惊吓之余逃命而去。事后,苏晋丰对遭遇恐龙一事不得其解、耿耿于怀,随即将此信息告知了一家媒体,希望能够引起关注,破解恐龙之谜。媒体编辑林佩伦得知此消息后大喜过望,作为媒体人她深知,如果情况属实,恐龙这种史前文明对于当代而言将会是一个前所未有的重大发现,她个人甚至可能会因率先报道此事而获得新闻界的最高奖项普利策奖。林佩伦将此事上报后得到采访调查的授权,一同前往的,还有上级部门协调 派遣的几名生物专家。林佩伦与同事黄明辉一起,连同生物专家吴欣美、孙嘉来、奕江共计五人急忙赶赴荒岛。不曾想,登岛之后意外频发,荒岛无人区近乎原生态的自然环境让这一行人行进艰难,更是遭遇了蛇蝎等毒物;林佩伦因救助吴欣美被蝎子蜇伤,险些丧命。经过艰难跋涉,终于发找到了村民苏晋丰, 林佩伦等人稍作休息后与苏晋丰了解详细情况,并准备做进一步的调查......

Studio 出品發行: 纳莱影视 Nalai Pictures.
Produced by 製片人: 苗金光 Miao Jinguang.
Directed by 導演: 苗金仓 Miao Jincang.
Screenplay by 編劇: 苗金仓 Miao Jincang.
Starring 主演: 龙德 Long De, 曹雷 Cao Lei, 王潇淇 Wang Xaioqi, 户元松 Hu Yuansong.
Genres 題材: #探险 #adventure #adventuremovies #探险电影

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