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[Full Movie] 山水恋人 The Landscape Love | 文艺爱情电影 Romance film HD

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Synopsis: The art romance movie "The Landscape Love 山水戀人" tells a story of Tang Zhishan, a Chinese-Canadian girl, with her assistant Xiaole, who made a special trip back to Tai'an to participate in the Taishan Cooking and Food Contest. Because the contest was about the Chilin fish, Tang Zhishan got to know the local fish farmer Wang Dongxue. With the help of Wang Dongxue, Tang Zhishan successfully won the championship. Later, Tang Zhishan got to know that her strongest opponent, Kong Huimin, was actually the lover of her mother. They were forced to separate forty years ago but they love each other till now.

故事简介: 文艺爱情电影《山水恋人 The Landscape Love》讲述加拿大华裔姑娘唐芷珊带着助手小乐专程赶回泰安参加泰山厨艺美食大赛,因大赛以赤鳞鱼为题,唐芷珊结识了当地的赤鳞鱼养殖户王东学。在王东学的帮助下,唐芷珊顺利取得厨艺美食大赛冠军。后来唐芷珊得知自己最强劲的对手孔惠民,竟是妈妈当年被迫分开的恋人,赤鳞鱼和泰山玉作为爱情线索翻开了这段刻骨铭心的情缘往事。

出品 Studio: 最幕影业 Dream Films.
制片人 Produced by: 徐献峰 Xu Xianfeng.
导演 Directed by: 韩志 Han Zhi.
编剧 Screenplay by: 韩志 Han Zhi, 范文文 Fan Wenwen.
主演 Starring: 范雷 Fan Lei, 王皓 Wang Hao, 徐文彬 Xu Wenbin, 迟蓬 Chi Peng, 小乐 Ezra Sterback.
题材 Genres: #爱情 #Romance #LoveStory

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