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[Full Movie] 南宋诡事之鬼樊楼 The Ghost Tower | 玄幻动作电影 Fantasy Action film HD

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Synopsis: The fantasy action movie "南宋詭事 The Ghost Tower 鬼樊樓" tells the story of the Southern Song Dynasty. During the Southern Song Dynasty, the Song Emperor was ill for a long time and ignored the government affairs. All the affairs of the court were jointly controlled by the marquis and the prime minister. The two parties appear peaceful on the surface, but the forces behind them are like fire and water. One day at the Marquis's dinner, after Xiang Changer's dance performance, the warlord Lu Juexiao froze to death on the table! Qiantang County police chief Shen Mo was ordered to investigate the case and uncovered step by step the secrets buried in the "Ghost Fan Tower". It turned out that the "Ghost Fan Tower" was actually founded by Xiang Chang'er, the favored concubine of the Hou Mansion, and her foster father "Lao Gangzi" In the underground kingdom, the two used the "Ghost Fan Tower" to secretly conduct various black transactions, thereby mastering the secrets of most of the officials of the imperial court, and used this to blackmail them into doing things for themselves, in order to achieve the purpose of overthrowing the imperial court... In the end, Shen Mo Live up to expectations and solve the Lin'an women's disappearance case and the birthday banquet murder case, destroy the Xixia secret spy organization "Ghost Fan Tower", and successfully prevent Chongfu Hou Yang Jun from rebelling. In the end, all the criminals were caught and peace was restored to the world...

故事简介: 玄幻动作电影《南宋诡事之鬼樊楼 The Ghost Tower》讲述南宋年间,宋帝久病不问朝政,朝中大小事务皆由侯爷与丞相共同控制。二党表面一片祥和,背后势力却形同水火。一日在侯爷的晚宴上,项嫦儿献舞结束,督军陆觉晓竟冻死在了桌案上!钱塘县捕头沈墨领枷受命调查此案,一步步揭开“鬼樊楼”掩埋的秘密,原来“鬼樊楼”竟是侯府宠妃项嫦儿与其义父“老杆子”一手建立的地下王国,两人利用“鬼樊楼”暗中进行各种黑色交易,从而掌握了朝廷大半官员的秘密,并以此来要挟他们为自己办事,以达到推翻朝廷的目的…… 最终,沈墨不负众望侦破临安妇女失踪案、寿宴杀人案,捣毁西夏密谍组织“鬼樊楼”,并成功阻止崇福侯杨俊谋反。最终,将案犯一网打尽,还天下以太平……

出品 Studio: 九色鹿时代传媒 Colorful Deer Media
制片人 Produced by: 张玉洁 Zhang Yujie
导演 Directed by: 童辉 Tong Hui.
编剧 Screenplay by: 刘岩川 Liu Yanchuan, 李康康 Li Kangkang, 戴叔伯 Dai Shubo.
主演 Starring: 唐禹哲 Tang Yuzhe, 克拉拉 Clara, 肖雨 Xiao Yu, 骆达华 Ken Lok, 张春仲 Zhang Chunzhong, 由立平 You Liping, 安琥 An Hu, 九万 Jiu Wan, 单明凯 Shan Mingkai.
题材 Genres: #动作 #action #玄幻 #fantasy

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