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[Full Movie] 偷芯攻略 Chip Raiders | 甜宠爱情与动作电影 Sweet Love & Action film HD

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Synopsis: The sweet love and action movie "Chip Raiders 偷芯攻略" tells the story of an organization with a prominent background that is extremely wealthy and upholds justice - Guili. Xiao Jue (played by Han Zhishuo) appears to be the chairman of R&G Group, but his true identity is the controller of Guili. The green spirit chip in his hand attracted the covetousness of the thief organization "Tianxia" and the "Hell Gate" that shrouded the world like a demon. Tianxia sent Xia Nuanxin (played by Zheng Miao) to steal the Green Spirit chip. Unexpectedly, she was plotted by Xiao Jue and was forced to be his personal secretary for a month. The Hell Gate's repeated pursuits put Xiao Juexia and Nuanxin in crisis repeatedly. In order to protect Xia Nuanxin, Xiao Jue did not hesitate to get hurt. From quarreling and bickering to sharing weal and woe, the two people's relationship warmed up and they fell in love with each other, but a greater danger was coming.

故事简介: 偶像甜宠爱情与动作电影《偷芯攻略 Chip Raiders》讲述一个具有显赫背景富可敌国且维护正义的组织——鬼戾。萧玦(韩志硕 饰)表面上是R&G集团的董事长,真实身份却是鬼戾的掌控者。他手上的绿灵晶片引来神偷组织“天下” 和如恶魔般笼罩着世界的“地狱门”觊觎。天下派出“神偷一姐”夏暖心(郑妙 饰)前去盗取绿灵晶片,不料却被萧玦算计,被迫当他一个月的私人秘书。地狱门一而再再而三的追杀,让萧玦和夏暖心屡屡陷入危机。萧玦为了保护夏暖心更是不惜自己受伤,从吵架拌嘴不间断到患难与共,让俩人感情升温,心仪彼此, 但更大的危险正在降临。

出品 Studio: 硕牛文化传媒 Shuo Niu Culture, 德丰影业 Defeng Film, 坏小弟影业 Camp Boy Pictures.
制片人 Produced by: 席雨晴 Mabel Xi, Guy Allon (UK).
导演 Directed by: 唐立 Ben Tong.
编剧 Screenplay by: 苏悦年 Su Yuenian, 温小妖 Wen Xiaoyao.
主演 Starring: 郑妙 Zheng Miao, 韩志硕 Han Ji Seok, 李东宇 Tio Li, Veronica Stanwell (UK).
题材 Genres: #动作 #Action #爱情 #love #甜宠 #sweet #sweetlove

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