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Fantasy Movie 2020 电影 | 燕赤霞之五尾天蝎 Yan Chixia & Scorpion, Eng Sub | 魔幻动作片 Action film, Full Movie

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Synopsis: 2020 New First-Run Fantasy Action Movie "燕赤霞之五尾天蝎 Monk/Taoist Yin & Scorpion" is about a story of a famous Chinese Monk/Taoist Yin (Yan Chixia) which is a character in series film "A Chinese Ghost Story". A Yue Ling Village disappeared at a night suddenly. The Court suspects that it was done by the Scorpion Demon. Then the master Ye Tianqing of "Monster Killing Bureau" and Monk/Taoist Yin (Yan Chixia) were sent to investigate this case together. When they try their best to enter this hidden village, they find that all the villagers are preventing their investigation. Then Ye Tianqing and Yan Chixia are getting worse and worse under the provocation of Wizard Black. At last, Yan Chixia finds out the secret of the whole things and defeats the evil again...

故事简介: 2020首映电影《燕赤霞之五尾天蝎 Yan Chixia and st. Scorpion》讲述月灵山庄一夜之间消失不见,朝廷怀疑是山中天蝎妖兽所为,遂命燕赤霞与”斩妖司“夜天青一同前往查探。燕赤霞等人几经周折,终于找到被隐形结界的月灵山庄。在进一步寻找天蝎妖兽的踪迹时,却遭到山庄村民的阻止。燕赤霞察觉事情蹊跷,潜伏村中继续查探。夜天青被幕后始作俑者黑袍蛊惑,与燕赤霞间关系逐步恶化。不久,燕赤霞发现整个事件背后的秘密,经过一番争斗,将天蝎妖兽封印,并最终摧毁了黑袍覆灭月灵山庄的阴谋

出品 Studio: Ziyang Media 梓阳传媒
导演 Director: 杨朗从 Yang Langcong
主演 Starring: 刘济恺 Liu Jikai, 安帝伊 An Diyi, 张琳悦 Zhang Linyue, 裴蕾 Pei Lei
题材 Genres: 玄幻 魔幻 Fantasy, 动作 Action

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