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[Eng Sub] Small Western-style Building EP15 (Alex Fong, Vivian Wu) | 小洋楼

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Drama name: Small Western-style Building
Genres: Romance, Life, Drama
Episodes: 44

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"Xiaoyanglou", in the context of Tianjin, tells the story of the sorrowful joys and sorrows of the Tianjin business giant Sima Zuyin living in Xiaoyanglou from the late period of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the four-year civil war, the establishment of the new China until the reform. The side shows the history of the Chinese nation's changing past half century. Through the depiction of the fate of the characters in the play, it outlines a period of ups and downs, outlines the life of the Chinese people connected with the blood in this era, and outlines the history and reality that both sides of the strait belong to the same China.

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