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[Eng Sub] Love Tears Us Apart EP37 (Loura Lou, Michael He) | 忘情歌

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Drama name: Love Tears Us Apart
Genres: Romance, Life, Drama
Episodes: 38

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In the 1920s, Cheng Ying, a rural girl , applied for the examination of Ling Shiwei's newly opened Golden Stage in Shanghai. On the way, she ran into Gao Wenzhong. The two vindictive enemies formed many misunderstandings, but gradually fell in love. With refined temperament and natural good voice, Cheng Ying successfully entered the golden stage. Gao Wenzhong expressed his love many times, but Cheng Ying rejected them all. Cheng Ying's approach to Ling Shiwei made Gao Wenzhong very sad. It turns out that Ling Shiwei was originally Cheng Ying's family enemy. Cheng Ying tried to get close to Ling Shiwei and regain the family power. Cheng Ying ran into his biological sister Mei Rou, and wanted to take her away , but unexpectedly, her sister was murdered by Ling Shi.Cheng Ying intends to take revenge , but fails to be in danger. Fortunately, an old friend saves her. Cheng Ying is determined not to be reckless, but to find evidence of Ling Shiwei's crime. After Gao Wenzhong learned the truth, he abandoned all of things to help Cheng Ying, so that Ling Shiwei was finally brought to justice. Gao Wenzhong healed Cheng Ying's heartache for many years with sincere love. Under the true love, Cheng Ying let go of the grievances t, married Gao Wenzhong, and lived an ordinary and happy life.

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