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[Eng Sub] Intimate Partner EP 01 (Lin Shen, Zhang Wen) | 亲密的搭档

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Drama name: Intimate Partner
Genres: Romance, Youth, Commercial Battles
Episodes: 40

The popular online game of Tianyu Company was suddenly paralyzed, which affected many game users and attracted the attention of reporter Shen An. Qiao Qishan, the boss of the company, arranged for his adopted son Qiao Zhenyu to take an important position in the company. Qiao Zhenyu wants Shen An to publish articles that are beneficial to the company's image, but he is rejected. During this period, he becomes interested in Shen An.
Qiao Zhenyu decides to use the talent show competition to restore the company's image. In order to investigate and help the tailor Han Xiaofang realize her dream, Shen An competes. Susan, a rich girl who has a crush on Qiao Zhenyu, always makes trouble for Shen An. While Shen An and Han Xiaofang win the championship in the competition, the stage collapses and Han Xiaofang is seriously injured.
Qiao Zhenyu finds that the real villain is his adoptive father Qiao Qishan. Qiao Lisa, the president of the company, also found out the truth about the paralysis of the game. In order to get the criminal evidence of Qiao Qishan's gambling on the game platform, Shen An, Qiao Zhenyu and Qiao Lisa united. A battle of wits and courage unfolds. Finally, Qiao Qishan is punished by law. Qiao Zhenyu and Shen An gains precious love.

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