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Cold salad with spicy mustard sauce (Gyeoja Naengchae) 겨자냉채

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This video was filmed at YouTube Space LA. Let's learn how to make a Korean traditional dish Gyeoja Naengchae!

Have you ever tasted a traditional Korean cold salad, called naengchae in Korean? Whenever I make this style of salad, I use a spicy mustard sauce or a garlic sauce as a dressing. I'll show you the garlic sauce someday, but in this this recipe

Korean salad is pretty loose -- you can make it with pretty much anything you have in the fridge, not just what I use here. You can use real crab meat or shrimp instead of artificial crab meat, because all of them are red and will look nice in the mix. Or just use carrot if you're a vegetarian. Just choose some colorful ingredients, mix them with this sauce, and declare: "I made Korean gyeoja naengchae!"

However, the one ingredient that really makes this dish stand out is the Asian pear. A lot of people who taste my naengchae ask: what's the sweet, crispy stuff?" When I tell them it's pear, they are a little shocked. No one expects a crispy pear in a spicy dish.

Ingredients (Serves 4-6):

1 tablespoon Korean mustard seed powder (gyeojagaru)
2 teaspoons water
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoons white vinegar
6 ounces artificial crab sticks (about 140 grams)
1 medium size English cucumber (7 ounces: about 200 grams), cut into 6 inch long matchsticks
1 large Korean pear (1 pound), cored and cut into matchsticks
2 tablespoons pine nuts and radish sprouts (optional)
食物- Food
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