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[ASMR] For People Who Don't Tingle ~ 20 Triggers in 20 Minutes!

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Here are some of the most popular ASMR triggers to help you discover new favorites. And if you are new to ASMR this is the perfect video for you to get started understanding what makes you tingle! Enjoy binaural ear to ear whispers and the following triggers!

Finger Flutters
Sk Sk Sk
Ear Brushing
Nail Tapping
Ear Cleaning
Mic Blowing
Hand Sounds
Rhinestone Tapping
Notebook Tapping
Page Turning
Lid sounds
Scissor Sounds
Hair Brushing
Wood Tapping
Bean Bag Crinkles
Bubble Wrap Crinkles
Plastic Tapping
Glass Tapping
Match Lighting

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