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Action Movies 2021 電影 | Monster Virus War 克塞之战 | Science Fiction film 科幻動作片 Full Movie 1080P

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Synopsis: 2017 Produced Science Fiction and Action Movie "Monster Virus War 克塞之战 2017" is about a disaster story in the future, because of the spread of a new virus, most people lost their memories. Human is entering a new Non-Memories Age: The infected ones change to "Demon" which feed on the brain of the healthy ones. In the last safe area, Tibetan (Cang An) Town, a single mom, Xiao Ya, keeps busy working in a bar near the border, to save her daughter, Wen Wen, who has a disease in her head. Every time when Xiao Ya falls into trouble, a superhero like Kesai will appear and help her out. The superhero, Xian Le, is a female wandering warrior who gets the orders from internet to help clients to solve troubles. She had a romantic time with her boyfriend, a solder protecting Tibetan Town before the virus outbreaks. At last, the Demons find Tibetan Town and launch the final attack. How the remain team will protect the final safe place of human?

故事简介: 2017年拍攝的科幻动作电影《克塞之战 The Return of Kesai》讲述在未来的2020年,因为某种新型病毒的扩散,导致大部分人类失忆,他们如同丧尸般以健康的人脑为食,称为“噩魅”。全球人类迎来了一场末世灾变,全体进入了"失忆纪元"。而在末世唯一的安全区里藏安镇,还有一部分幸存者。单身妈妈筱雅为了给女儿文文治疗脑疾,不得已在安全区边缘地带的各种酒场拼命工作,卖酒赚钱,筱雅为此常遇寻衅骚扰。但当她每处困境时,一个像“克塞”一样的"超人"便神奇出现,为她解围,而“他”则是一位美艳的机车酷女冼乐,她凭借一身格斗功夫在网络上靠接单替人解决麻烦为业,真正雇用冼乐的人,却一直另有其人...

出品 Studio: 沐太息影业 Mu Tai Xi Film
导演 Director: 沐太息 Mu Tai Xi
主演 Starring: 尚媛媛 Shang Yuanyuan, 赵晓东 Zhao Xiaodong, 朱富润 Zhu Furun, 王艾琳 Wang Ailin
题材 Genres: 科幻 #ScienceFiction, 动作 #Action, 爱情 Love, 超级英雄 #Superhero, 丧尸 Demon.

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