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讲述 《讲述》 20131203 天使之爱 王克荣

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《讲述》是献给所有关注人们命运的观众的电视节目。《讲述》每天为您讲述一个真实生动,曲折传奇、充满悬念、给人启迪的人生故事。讲述平凡人生中不平凡的故事,讲述开启心扉 真实震撼心灵。【文化丝绸之路】"About" is dedicated to all the viewers of television programs concerned with the fate of the people. "About" every day for you about a real and vivid, tortuous legend, full of suspense, enlightening life story. About ordinary life in an extraordinary story about traumatic as open their hearts to the true.
记录- Documentary
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