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天天向上看点 Day Day UP 10/03 Recap: 武隆老乡带补肾神豆看望曹格-Gary Cao Has Visitors【湖南卫视官方版】

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天天向上看点- 武隆老乡带补肾神豆看望曹格
Day Day UP 10/03 Recap: Gary Cao has visitors, some villagers from Wu Long from "Dad Where Are We Going" S02 show.
《天天向上》(Day Day UP)是由湖南卫视推出的一档大型礼仪脱口秀节目。该节目以礼仪、公德为主题,分为歌舞、访谈、情景戏三段式,氛围欢快轻松幽默。该节目于2008年8月 4日首播《天天向上前传》,8月7日正式播出,节目以传承中华礼仪,公德为主,也经常邀请一些明星、企业知名人士,来讨论礼仪,并有专门环节用搞笑的方式 诠释古代礼仪。主持人由汪涵、欧弟(欧汉声)、田源、钱枫、俞灏明、矢野浩二、小五(金恩圣)组成,采用全国第一支偶像男子团体的概念,用各种形式来传播 中国千年礼仪之邦的礼仪文化。节目氛围欢快轻松幽默,获得高收视率的同时,也受到了广大观众的好评。曾获得《新周刊》2008中国电视节目榜最佳娱乐秀; 第三届"《综艺》年度节目暨电视人"评选年度节目奖、网友最喜爱电视节目奖;第25届中国电视金鹰奖获得优秀文艺节目奖。
Day Day UP is a hilarious, over-the-top talk and variety show produced by Hunan TV featuring VIPs, celebrities as well as common people. Etiquette and moral are the theme of the show, which features singing and dancing, interviews and humorous skits. The shows' host are Wang Han, Ou Di (O Han Sheng), Tian Yuan, Qian Feng, Yu Hao Ming, Shi Ye Hao Er, Xiao Wu (Jin En Sheng). Day Day UP is one of the highest rated shows from China and Hunan TV and has received numerous awards including the Best Entertainment TV Show Award in China in 2008.
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