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大风车 《大风车频道版》 20130829

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《大风车(Big Pinwheel) 》栏目是中央电视台青少中心的重点栏目,该栏目不仅在播出上一直保持较高的收视率,而且在社会上也一直具有良好的知名度。该栏目由原有的六个栏目《七巧板》、《天地之间》、《蒲公英剧场》、《同一片蓝天》、《聪明屋》、《和爸爸妈妈一起看》整合而成,于1995年6月1日正式开播,数经改版发展至今,已成为我国最具影响力的儿童电视栏目。该栏目在2002年中央电视台整体栏目总排名中位居第7位,在全台的栏目评选中也多次获得优秀栏目一等奖。【文化丝绸之路】"Windmill (Big Pinwheel)" part is the CCTV youth center focus part, the part not only in broadcast on has maintained high ratings, and has a good reputation in the community has been. The part former some six part "jigsaw puzzle", "between heaven and earth", "Dandelion Theatre", the same piece of sky "," smart house "," mom and dad watching the "integration made ​​in 1995 formally launched on 1 May, revised development so far, has become China's most influential children's television column. Part in the total ranking of the whole part of the 2002 CCTV ranked No. 7 in the column named Taiwan also has won the first prize for outstanding part.
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