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变形计看点 X-change 10/06 Recap: 艾尔兰兴奋见偶像一秒变舞王超清版Erlan Sees Idol Excitedly【湖南卫视官方版】


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变形计看点- 艾尔兰兴奋见偶像一秒变舞王超清版
X-change 10/06 Recap: Erlan Sees Idol Excitedly & Turns out to be Dancing King
【湖南卫视变形计-本期精彩】位于新疆天山南脉腹地,两山夹一谷。浩瀚无垠的戈壁滩,¬有着粗犷豪迈、雄浑壮阔的神韵。走进其中,犹如进入原始荒野,满目苍凉。偶尔一股旋风¬吹过,黄沙卷起,更有一种莫名的静寂氛围。9月22日晚10点《在那遥远的地方》¬蒋伍轩, 崔浩然和缪沛洋互换游牧娃会发生怎样的故事?
Season 9 "Peak of Dream" Season 9 “Somewhere Far Away” produced by Hunan TV has another new X-change journey featuring three teenagers to explore Xinjiang. With different nature sceneries surrounding the three teenagers: Zhang Wu Qian, Cui Hao Ran and Miao Pei Yang, what would their stories be like? Find it out on X-change’s new series “In That Far Place” on 9/22 10p.m.
变形计是一档生活类角色互换纪实栏目,号称"新生态纪录片"。 更新时间:每周一 请锁定每周一晚上10点收看变形计第九季。
X-Change is a new lifestyle documentary that presents how grassroots exchange their identity and experience other’s life in the show.
X-Change Season 9 Full EP Playlist:
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