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《美人制造》纪录片 "Cosmetology High" Documentary: 另类情侣诞生记-The Untypical Couple Diary【湖南卫视官方版1080P】20141105

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《美人制造》纪录片- 另类情侣诞生记
“Cosmetology High” Documentary: The Untypical Couple Diary
“Cosmetology High” is an ancient Chinese drama co-produced by Hunan TV, Mango Media, ETV Media Culture and Dong Yang Huan Yu. The drama takes Tang Dynasty as background to demonstrate a series of hot topics “beauty, preserve health, relationship and plastic surgery”, which are some of the latest issues discussed in society. The drama starring Jin Shi Jia, Yang Rong, Deng Cui Wen and other famous actors and actresses from China and Hong Kong. The storyline is about a talented doctor (Jin Shi Jia) who works for the emperor gets to the normal city and have a brothel (Yang Rong) who has a crush on him takes care of him at his worst. The drama is air from October 19th, 2014.
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