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《我是歌手 3》第三季第11期完整版 I Am A Singer 3 EP11 Full: 谭维维陷淘汰危机-Eliminate Risk On Sitar【湖南卫视官方版1080p】20150313

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【湖南卫视《我是歌手 3》第三季第11期完整版- 本期精彩】 终极淘汰赛来袭!李健演绎民谣飙高音,孙楠兵行险招挑战粤语歌!A-Lin首触底誓反击!
Hunan TV "I Am A Singer 3" 20150313 EP Highlight: The final elimination contest arrives! Li Jian performs folk songs with high notes. Sun Nan takes the challenge by singing Cantonese song, while A-Lin makes up her mind to strike back!
本期竞演歌单 Song List:
郑淳元 The One- 暗香
李健 Li Jian- 陀螺
韩红- 红蔷薇
谭维维 Sitar Tan- Firework
黄丽玲 A-Lin- 爱
萧煌奇- 让
孙楠- 讲不出再见
中国首档顶级歌手巅峰对决节目《我是歌手》第三季1月2日起,继续蔓延音乐的幸福!本节目由《我是歌手》系列节目制作人洪涛打造。首期节目于2014年12月20日于湖南广电中心录制,并于2015年1月2日首播。第三季每位歌手都是苍茫乐海中的明珠:国字号女声韩红,天籁之声陈洁仪,暖声男音古巨基,王者唱将孙楠 ,靓音女神张靓颖 ,天生歌姬黄丽玲A-Lin ,音乐魔法师胡彦斌 ,谁是真正王牌?
I Am A Singer is a top Chinese variety show that invites famous singer to compete, which has gained great popularity in Asian community worldwide. The first episode of season 3 starts from Jan 2 2015. The show was produced at Hunan TV station in Hunan, Changsha. In season 3, every singer invited is one-of-a-kind singing artist, they are: Han Hong, Kit Chan, Leo Ku, Sun Nan, Jane Zhang, A-Lin and Tiger Hu. Who is the real winner? Let’s wait and see.
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