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《我们的歌手》第7期 Our Singers EP7:黄绮珊谈搭档郑淳元 孙楠发迹史揭底Huang Qishan Talks About The One【湖南卫视官方版1080P】20150213

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【湖南卫视《我们的歌手》 本期精彩】 眼看就要过年了,辞旧迎新的《我是歌手》,歌声笑声声声入耳;故事往事事事关心。今晚韩国歌王The One郑淳元强势补位,黄绮珊回忆匆匆那年和歌王同台的日子。音乐世家孙楠独家背后揭秘 ,就在《我们的歌手》不见不散。
Hunan TV “Our Singers” EP Highlight 20150213: Korean famous singer The One has superior performance in this week's I Am A Singer3, and Huang Qishan recalls those day worked with The One. Sun Nan comes from a musician families and will talk about his background.
Our Singers is the documentary complement of I Am A Singer 3, the show follows the backstage and hidden music stories of the seven singers who are participating in the show. The episode will give you a completely new angle to understand each singer. The show will follow after the broadcast of I Am A Singer 3 on Friday, beginning on January 2 2015.
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