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《我们的歌手》第6期 Our Singers EP6: 谭维维踢馆力压群雄的三大绝招-Sitar Tan 3 Battle Techniques【湖南卫视官方版1080P】20150206

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【湖南卫视《我们的歌手》 本期精彩】 古巨基嗓音沙哑险失声!A-Lin沈凌搞怪摇摆舞,朗朗隔空点赞!韩红公开独特开嗓法,画面太美不敢看!
Hunan TV “Our Singers” EP Highlight 20150206: Leo Ku almost lost his voice?! A-Lin and Shen Ling deliver a funny dance, which receives like from Lang Lang. Han Hong shares her unique warm up voice method and it is too nice that we are afraid to see it!
Our Singers is the documentary complement of I Am A Singer 3, the show follows the backstage and hidden music stories of the seven singers who are participating in the show. The episode will give you a completely new angle to understand each singer. The show will follow after the broadcast of I Am A Singer 3 on Friday, beginning on January 2 2015.
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