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《我们的歌手》第八期 Our Singers EP8: 歌手红包大礼齐上阵 幕后工作大揭密-Singers Give Out Red Envelopes【湖南卫视官方版1080P】20150220

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【湖南卫视《我们的歌手》- 本期精彩】 《歌手》幕后团队全揭秘,小伙伴为了节目也是拼了!大咖拜年诚意满满,韩红阔气派红包!
Hunan TV “Our Singers” 20150220 EP Highlight: The hardworking backstage crew of “I Am A Singer 3” is revealed! Singers brings in gifts and red envelopes for Chinese New Year! Han Hong gives out a nice amount inside her red envelopes!
Our Singers is the documentary complement of I Am A Singer 3, the show follows the backstage and hidden music stories of the seven singers who are participating in the show. The episode will give you a completely new angle to understand each singer. The show will follow after the broadcast of I Am A Singer 3 on Friday, beginning on January 2 2015.
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