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《奇妙的朋友》第2期 Wonderful Friends EP2: 李宇春突发眼疾 胡杏儿被猩猩咬哭 Gorilla Bites Myolie Wu【湖南卫视官方版1080p】20150131

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【湖南卫视《奇妙的朋友》- 20150131本期精彩】魔鬼教头犀利点评不留情,饲养任务残酷升级众星累cry,春春弄丢考拉面临开除危机?
Hunan TV "Wonderful Friends" 20150131 EP Highlight: The coach criticizes the celebrities and give them more difficult missions. They are all tired and exhausted. Chris is responsible for taking care the Koala but the koala is lost, will she get fired?
Started from Jan.17 2015, Wonderful Friend is the first reality show in China that records the close interaction between people and animals. This is the very first self-produced show that tells how celebrities get along with animals. In order to have the best result on production, the most advance shooting technique will be used on this how. Moreover, Wonderful Friends will continue to use the same post editing team as Grade One.
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