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《变形计》之《“好汉”两个半》宣传片 X-change Promo: 自恋弃家城市少年重投父母怀抱 Naughty Boy Reunite With Parents【湖南卫视官方版】

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《变形计》之《“好汉”两个半》宣传片 - 自恋弃家城市少年重投父母怀抱
X-change “Two and a Half Men” Promo: Naughty city teen boy reunite with parents
变形计是一档生活类角色互换纪实栏目,号称"新生态纪录片"。 更新时间:每周日、周一、周二,三集联播,尽请期待。
X-Change is a new lifestyle documentary that presents how grassroots exchange their identity and experience others life in the show.
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