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《一年级》看点 Grade One 12/12 Recap: 安淇尔严重受伤遭转学危机-Apple Got Injured Seriously Transfer School【湖南卫视官方版】

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《一年级》看点- 安淇尔严重受伤遭转学危机
Grade One 12/12 Recap: Apple got injured seriously and face the fact of transferring to another school
2014年湖南卫视大型萌童校园成长真实记录。《一年级》10月17日起每周五晚22点重磅播出,萌娃们与您不见不散!这档节目的主人公就是一年级的孩子们,“会用镜头记录他们的生活、学习、交友等内容,这中间会发生那些故事,非常值得期待。” 《一年级》将一共播出11周,将有7个来自不同家庭、性格各异的一年级新生,告别无忧无虑的幼儿园生活,告别父母家庭的呵护,独自在寄宿制小学学习生活。而节目还将特别邀请两位明星陈学冬和宋佳来化身学校里的班主任和生活老师, 全程陪伴孩子们的节目录制。这档节目由《爸爸去哪儿》《我是歌手》《花儿与少年》导摄团队参与节目拍摄和后期制作,从这不容小觑制作实力。
Hunan TV produces a new campus reality show “Grade One”, is going to be on air stating October 17, every Friday at 10pm. The show records how grade one kids interact and learn in school life. “Grade One” is going to be on air for 11 weeks, featuring 7 kids from different families. The kids will have to learn how to live in a boarding school without family beside them. The show has 2 celebrities Chen Xue Dong and Song Jie to take the role as their head teacher and life teacher, to accompany the kids while the show is on production. “Grade One” is coordinated by “Dad Where Are We Going”, “I Am A Singer” and “Divas Hit The Road” directors and post production team, which meets the extreme high quality production standard.
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